Apply to Multiple Schools with One Disklavier Recording
The Disklavier Education Network (DEN) is offering young pianists the opportunity to record their college admission or scholarship auditions on a Disklavier reproducing piano, complete with synchronized video. These performances are subsequently shared with audition committees through the cloud. When these recordings are played back on a school’s Disklavier piano, the piano will actually reproduce the original performance as though the student was playing live. This process is demonstrated in the video above. Please find the list of participating schools below.

In January and early February 2018, students may schedule a time to record their college audition repertoire on a Disklavier grand piano at any of the more than three dozen locations shown on the map below. At a convenient time, member institutions, to which these students have applied, will access these recordings from the cloud and listen as their Disklavier piano reproduces the performances, complete with synchronized video that is projected onto a large screen.

DEN Auditions for Students
Disklavier Education Network Auditions provides you with the opportunity to audition for multiple schools with a single audition recorded on a Disklavier piano. The schools that receive your audition recording will see you on a large screen while their Disklavier piano reproduces your performance, complete with moving keys and pedals. It's the next best thing to an in-person audition. Click here for more information.

DEN Auditions for the Student’s Current Teacher
Disklavier Education Network Auditions provide your students a 21st century advantage! Your students can now apply to more schools, be considered for scholarships, and even receive feedback from interested institutions. From the perspective of the participating schools, these time-shifted auditions are the next best thing to an in-person audition. Click here for more information.

DEN Auditions for Institutions
Disklavier Education Network Auditions enable you to receive time-shifted auditions from around the world with the quality of a live performance that takes place on your piano in your own audition location. Click here to learn how to become a participating institution.

Participating Disklavier Recording Sites

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