Stephen F. Austin State University School of Music

The following information constitutes a brief summary of the music program and the audition requirements and is provided by the DEN as a courtesy. Be sure to contact the school directly for further details and for all application guidelines. 

The School of Music at Stephen F. Austin State University is committed to providing undergraduate and graduate curricula with a wide variety of musical experiences, designed to prepare students to confidently begin or continue careers in Music Education, Performance, Sound Recording Technology and Composition. Its goal is to graduate people who are highly competent musicians, accomplished performers, sensitive artists and articulate musical leaders who clearly understand the value and role of music as part of our cultural heritage, our welfare and the very essence of human existence.

The School of Music at Stephen F. Austin State University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Undergraduate Degrees
Bachelor of Music - Performance (Keyboard)
Bachelor of Music - Performance (Keyboard Pedagogy)
Bachelor of Music - Education (Keyboard)
Bachelor of Music - Sound Recording Technology

Graduate Degrees
Master of Music - Performance (Keyboard)
Master of Music - Performance (Pedagogy)
Master of Music - Performance (Collaborative Piano)

Piano Faculty
A listing of piano faculty can be found here.

Undergraduate Piano Audition Requirements
• First or third movement of a sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert OR a piece by J.S. Bach or Domenico Scarlatti
• One contrasting work from the Romantic era or 20th century
• Additional work optional (recommended if considering performance)
• Major and minor scales and arpeggios should have been studied 4 octaves (if considering performance)
• Sight reading will be tested for leveling purposes

Graduate Piano Audition Requirements
• Work by J.S Bach or Domenico Scarlatti
• Complete sonata
• Contrasting work

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  • Phone: (936) 468-4602
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