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St. Ambrose University

The following information constitutes a brief summary of the music program and the audition requirements and is provided by the DEN as a courtesy. Be sure to contact the school directly for further details and for all application guidelines.

At St. Ambrose, you'll receive high-quality experiences in music within the context of a broad-based liberal arts education. Class sizes are small, which means you will receive personal instruction customized to meet your particular needs and interests.

As a student at St. Ambrose University, you'll have the opportunity to perform from the start of your undergraduate career in a variety of performing groups: Symphonic Band, Orchestra, University Chorale, Chamber Singers, Jazz Combo, and STAMVOJA (vocal jazz ensemble), as well as numerous solo and other small ensemble performance opportunities both on- and off-campus. You'll also receive unique, undergraduate opportunities to compose, teach, and conduct, including conducting large ensembles in a public performance.

Two music degrees are offered at St. Ambrose: a Bachelor of Arts with a major in music and a Bachelor of Music Education.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is tailored to students who intend to continue their studies in graduate school, pursue a music-related career, or perform professionally. Within this program, students with special interests are encouraged to develop individualized fields of study. Professors and students work together to design program in any number of specialized areas, including liturgical music, music business, music therapy, and arts management.

The Bachelor of Music Education prepares students to teach band, orchestra, chorus and general music in grades K-12. Music education majors work one-on-one with faculty ensemble directors, and they also conduct in public performances--opportunities not available at many schools.

Music education majors receive a great deal of field experience before student teaching, and we have a top-notch Teacher Education program with endorsements in elementary and secondary as well as a Bachelor of Music Education degree. All music education graduates who actively seek a teaching position are successful in obtaining employment in their field. For those who go on to graduate school, we have an excellent track record of students being accepted into the graduate school of their choice.

St. Ambrose has many financial aid opportunities for students with a special talent in music. In addition to need-based financial packages, the Music Department has scholarship funds available for both music majors and qualified non-majors. Typically, the Music Department awards more than $170,000 in grants each year to students who audition for its faculty. Awards are fully renewable every year until graduation. Scholarship and financial aid opportunities are available to ALL SAU students, regardless of major.

Music Faculty
St. Ambrose has an exceptionally dedicated and approachable faculty with a variety of musical backgrounds, all of whom are active professionals in all areas of music. They teach in an open, safe, and welcoming atmosphere where students and faculty are openly respectful and supportive of one another.

A listing of the faculty can be found here.

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